The UV University takes a trip to the south of Chile with us

On Sunday, August 11, 2019, students from the School of Oceanic Civil Engineering belonging to the University of Valparaíso began a journey to the south of Chile, an activity for which Travel Tours was responsible for all transport logistics, including the discussion of routes and the guarantee of sending a bus in perfect conditions for a trip without mishaps.

Thus, students first arrived in Santiago and then started the road to Concepción and its surroundings, where they visited ports, shipyards and other places of interest for students of the Oceanic Civil Engineering career.

Then, the final destination was Constitution, where they started with a series of visits to Dichato, Curanipe and other nearby places offered by the south of our country, which is why Travel Tours sent drivers with extensive experience in trips to southern Chile, which thanks to their knowledge of the road refined details of the route with the organizers of the university to cover every requirement of detours, stops and other needs of the students, delivering a fully personalized service from the beginning to end.

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