Seven tips to prepare and plan your next trip by land

Traveling is one of most exciting activities for the human being. Whether it is a trip within the region or something outside the country, it’s always a pleasure to leave our home and explore unknown places. However, to ensure a good experience we must take into account some general advice, which will allow us to get the most out of our planning.

  • First, it’s of the utmost importance to review the weather of the destination, considering that if we are more than two hours away, then the conditions may be totally different from our home. Nobody wants to suffer a flu because of bad planning!
  • Second, make sure to organize your finances. Always keep in mind that we may need cash at any time during the trip, so it is advisable to withdraw cash in case of any unforeseen event: meals or snacks on the road, payment of tolls, bathrooms, parking lots, etc… it is better to be prepared than to regret not having cash.
  • Plan your route. It is important to know exactly how we’re going to reach our destination, doing a previous job deciding routes, deviations and the best alternatives to avoid unnecessary fuel expenditure. This can also take into consideration the traffic, previously looking at dates and areas where it’s more difficult to travel at certain times of the year. In order to do this, there are several tools that will help us to trace the road in advance, however, the most popular apps are Google Maps and Waze, the latter being the most popular to check traffic in real time and see alerts for accident or police presence.
  • Check the vehicle and the driver. You can check our guide with the keys to identify a good driver, in addition to what you should check on the vehicle to ensure a safe and unforeseen trip.
  • It’s also important to correctly distribute the cargo inside the vehicle, this in case we carry large amounts of luggage. This is relevant because an uneven load of the weights can destabilize the vehicle when taking high-speed curves, while affecting the direction in which the headlights point (which can be manually adjusted by the driver).
  • Sixth, you have to worry about having the appropriate insurance in case of any accident or damage to passengers and third parties. For this, the SOAP (the mandatory insurance policy on Chile) covers damage to people, however, it doesn’t cover what may happen to the vehicle, which is why it’s a good idea to get a private insurance policy in order to address this item.
  • Finally, it must be ensured that child seats are present and properly installed as necessary, since by law it’s required that in any trip where minors are involved they must go in a chair, which not only prevents us from receiving traffic violations, but more importantly provides security for our passengers.

If you want to plan a trip, you can rely on Travel Tours to take care of it. Our Fleet Department guarantees the best quality in vehicles and drivers, at the same time that our Logistics Department will plan the best route for you and guarantees punctuality in picking up passengers. Get rid of any worries and ask a price for your private or business trip here.

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