Learn how to identify and choose a good driver

One of the most important aspects when making any trip is to be accompanied by a good driver, that is, someone trained to take us to our destination safely and without contingencies. We have already reviewed the aspects of the vehicle to check in order to have a good experience, however, we must also be able to identify a good driver and that is why we now give you the keys to observe and ensure with your own eyes that the right person is behind the wheel.

First of all, a good driver complies with the law. Perhaps the most important thing is to ensure that the person has a Class A professional license, which guarantees at least 2 years of experience behind the wheel and also requires more stringent tests for its acquisition, which means that the person knows the traffic rules better and is professionally dedicated to the transport sector.

On the other hand, it’s important to identify when someone drives on a defensive state, which is always recommended by the National Traffic Safety Commission of Chile and means using techniques and knowledge that prevent traffic accidents. Within these practices, it is important to note that the driver complies with the following:

  • Respect for traffic rules: signage, crossing preferences, speed limits, etc.
  • Correct use of the safety belt, both in pilot and passengers.
  • Never drive under the influence of alcohol or other substances.
  • Maintain a good attitude on the road: an outburst of anger can cause an accident.
  • Plan the route of the trip correctly. This prevents troubles and speeding that can result in crashes.
  • Do not fall into distractions such as checking the cell phone or engaging in hectic conversations with passengers.
  • Pay attention to the traffic around, constantly checking mirrors and anticipating maneuvers of other vehicles.
  • Always drive on the right lane, using the left lane just to overtake.
  • Do not block intersections before a traffic light. This means that you should never proceed to a traffic light crossing if there is no space after it to position our vehicle.
  • Maintain an adequate distance with the vehicle ahead. As a general rule, it applies that if the vehicle in front passes through a point on the road, we must go through the same point three seconds later. Following this rule will result on always maintaining a safe distance that allows a good reaction time.
  • Respect cyclists on the road, leaving a side space of at least 2 meters with people on bicycles in case they wobble or make a sharp detour.

Finally, there are certain good practices that every driver can apply and improve road coexistence in order to prevent any kind of unforeseen events:

  • Driving in good personal condition, that is, not doing so if the person is taking any medication or feels very tired, which can result in unfortunate accidents due to loss of vehicle control.
  • Do not carry out dangerous maneuvers such as overtaking with little space or take curves at excessive speed. When overtaking it is always advisable to return to the right lane.
  • Pay attention to other drivers to warn what movements they will make.
  • Make incorporations to the road safely and confidently, allowing other drivers to predict our movement. Driving predictably and going unnoticed on the road is a very safe attitude to avoid accidents.
  • Sit properly in front of the wheel; not too lying down and with both hands behind the wheel, which allows to react efficiently against unforeseen events.
  • In case of adverse weather conditions, it should be handled with extra caution, reducing speed and taking the necessary measures in the vehicle such as chains or foggers.

With all this in mind, we can cultivate the habit of driving correctly or evaluating the drivers that take us to our destination. And if you travel with us, our Fleet Department guarantees that our drivers are 100% qualified to carry out any trip, always having a Class A professional license and selected under strict quality criteria, providing the best service without exceptions. Plan your trip and contact us here.

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