How to comply with the law for children’s chairs

In March 2016 and 2017, two modifications were made to the Traffic Law of Chile, applied by the Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications and whose objective is to protect minors who are on board a vehicle.

This new regulation seeks to solve an important problem that has been detected in recent times: traffic accidents are the first external cause of death in children aged 1 to 14, being necessary the regulation of the use of child restraint systems in vehicles, since before these two changes the only prohibition was the movement of children under 8 years in the front seats of the vehicles.

What does the new law tell us?

The first change that took effect in March 2016 extended the prohibition age for the transfer of children in the front seat: from 8 years to 12 years of age. In addition, the trip must always be done using the appropriate seat belt or child restraint system.

Then, in March 2017 the second modification is made where it is specified that children should be transported in child restraint systems until they are 9 years old, or height of 135 centimeters and 33 kilograms in weight.

Those who do not comply with these regulations risk high fines: taking a child under 12 in the front seat, or a child under 9 without their child restraint system, is considered a very serious offense and means a fine from 1.5 to 3 UTM, along with the license suspension between 5 and 45 days.

What kind of chairs can we use?

Before acquiring a child restraint system, the first thing is to verify what type of anchorage system our vehicle possesses. According to each manufacturer, the available options are ISOFIX, LATCH or through the seat belt. It should be noted that since March 2017, all vehicles entering the country must have ISOFIX or LATCH anchors, facilitating the purchase of a suitable chair for parents.

Once the anchoring system has been identified, we must check that the chair is correct according to the child’s age, size, weight and physical structure. For this, the National Traffic Safety Commission provides us with a tool called Virtual Child Safety Weight, where we can identify the appropriate chair by entering the child’s age, height and weight.

Additionally, we can review the following table that clarifies this information (in spanish):

In addition, we must ensure that the product complies with current European or North American certification. This guarantees that the child restraint systems have been put to trials and tests to confirm their effectiveness, since prior to these modifications only basic form requirements, such as labeling and the manual in Spanish, were required by law.

With all this in mind, we can already install the accessory in our vehicle until the child turns 12, at which age he can already travel in the passenger seat with a seat belt, just like an adult.

And if you choose Travel Tours, you can ask our team that the required vehicle has the correct chair with the safest type of anchorage installed, guaranteeing the safety of children traveling with us. Plan your private or business trip here with Travel Tours.

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